Kris Aquino at Mark Leviste, Hindi Kinaya Ang Long Distance Relationship at Naghiwalay Na!....


Kris Aquino at Mark Leviste, Hindi Kinaya Ang Long Distance Relationship at Naghiwalay Na?

Sa Instagram ay nagbahagi ng isang post ang queen of all media na si Kris Aquino na tila isinapubliko na nga niya ang paghihiwalay nila ni Batangas Vice Governor Mark Leviste.

Nitong Lunes nga July 10 ay inamin ni Kris Aquino sa kanyang social media account na totoo ngang naging magjowa sila ni Mark.

Ngunit napagpasyahan niyang makipaghiwalay nalang dito dahil ayon sa kanya ay hindi daw uubra ang long distance relationship.

Matatandaang ilang linggo din nagbakasyon si Mark Leviste sa America para alalayan at bisitahin si Kris.

Pero tila hindi nga naging sapat iyon para kay Kris upang ipagpatuloy pa ang kanilang magandang relasyon.

Pahayag ni Kris sa kanyang caption, " This is a long overdue Gratitude post. Marc (yes it’s with a C) @markleviste is leaving to go home to fulfill his obligations to his Batangas constituents." 

"Nobody i’ve ever been in a relationship with has ever given me as much love & encouragement. He wasn’t only my boyfriend, he became my best friend and confidante, talagang maaasahan. The usage of WAS is correct."

"My condition (the connective tissue disease which in my case seems to be my Churg Strauss, the progression of my Crest Syndrome, and the start of both rheumatoid arthritis and SLE) has gotten progressively worse, from all my physical manifestations (namamaga both my right & left knees, there’s excruciating pain especially on my entire left leg, and my right knee, swelling in my lower back, and purplish blue toenails (the pain is so bad that taking a few steps kinakaya ko BUT longer walks kailangan nang mag wheelchair.)"

Pagpapatuloy niya pa, "I asked Marc for a pause because with my condition the way it is now, i’m self aware enough to know that a long distance relationship will be next to impossible for us to maintain."

"For the Filipinos working all over the world, i know i’m blessed to have kuya Josh & bimb with me- but most moms reading this will agree, we don’t want our kids to suffer from anxiety about our health, especially kung solo parent ka like me."

"To A.L. and C.L. thank you for being so warm, polite, appreciative and so easy to get along. Like i promised while your dad’s not around consider the home we’ve leased to be yours as well."

Dagdag niya pa, "Thank you Marc for being here for me especially when my 2 “giants” went home BUT our reality is that there’s a Pacific Ocean that divides us, a 15 hour time difference, and a 13 hour flight. You know how much i believe in you and the last thing i want is to be an obstacle in your career as a public servant. This isn’t just a line, you will always have a place in my heart."

"We may not have had our “happily ever after” but being sick has really taught me to look at the glass half full- thank you for giving me the chance to again experience the magic of Once Upon a Time." đŸ’›

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